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Parts List
Model M1 AC Holiday Detector


For use such as: Coatings, in-plant environments, rebar, pipelines, sheet materials coated with thin film under 20 mils.

Model: M1-AC Low Voltage Holiday Detector


  • Use on thin film coatings on conductive substrates such as tanks, concrete, etc.


  • Recommended Annually


  • 67.5v D.C. Output

  • 80 ohms* Resistance for coatings on metal

  • 90 ohms Resistance for coatings on concrete

  • (Factory setting is 80 ohms. See Instructions for information on changing setting to 90 ohms)


  • 5.75" x 12.25" x 10", 10 lbs. (146mm x 311mm x 254mm, 4.5kg)-Instrument

  • 14" x 12" x 6", 12 lbs. (355.6mm x 304.8mm x 15.24mm, 5.44kg)-Shipping

Model: M1-AC Low Voltage Holiday Detector

The same features found in our Model M-1 are also found in the Model M1-AC. The M1-AC is powered by 115 or 230 volt, 60 Hz, A.C. and produces a regulated output voltage of 67.5 volts D.C. This allows for 24 hour "in-plant" operation without down time for battery changes. The M1-AC is used extensively in re-bar coating  and other production type coating plants.

As with all Tinker & Rasor equipment the Model M1-AC is rugged, reliable and ready for work right out off the box.

Model: M1-AC Low Voltage Holiday Detector

Model: M1-AC Low Voltage Holiday Detector

 Replacement Parts Available:

  • #085-033 M1/AC Instrument

  • M/1 WAND – includes wand, cable, sponge, sponge holder, sponge backing plate, sponge holder knob 

  • 177-071 Wand 18" w/ Red Cable

  • 055-882 Electrode, Sponge, 6" x 3.5" x 2" 

  • 076-050 Sponge Holder 

  • 094-030 Sponge Holder Knob

  • 014-195 Sponge Backing Plate

Model: M1-AC Low Voltage Holiday Detector


Low Voltage (Wet Sponge) Holiday Detector


  • Regulated 67.5v output

  • Push button calibration check

  • 2 Resistance settings

  • (80K Ω Metallic sun straights)

  • (90K Ω for coatings on concrete)

  • Typical under 20mils

  • Non-Destructive

  • Mil-Spec Case

The Model M/1-AC kit includes:

  • M1-AC Instrument built into a Mil-Spec Case

  • 6 ft Power Cable

  • 15' Ground Cable

  • 18" wand with 6' cable

  • Sponge electrode 6" x 3.5" x 2" (Sponge shipped compressed)

  • 4 oz. Bottle of "Water Wetter"

  • Instructions Manual

  • Certificate of Calibration

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