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Holiday Detectors

Holiday Detector & Accessories Brochures

Model APS High Voltage Holiday Detector

800 volts to 35,000 volts Pulse DC

Model M/2 Multi Volt Wet Sponge Holiday Detector

Model M1-AC Low Voltage Holiday Detector

Model AP/W High Voltage Holiday Detector

800 volts to 35,000 volts Pulse DC

Model PRM Peak Reading Voltmeter

Use with Tinker & Rasor High Voltage Pulse DC Holiday Detectors

Model M/1 Low Voltage Holiday Detector

67.5 volts DC

Holiday Detector Electrodes

Spring, Silicone-Rubber, Wire, Sponge, Interal, External

Model HD-AC in-Plant USe Holiday Detector

AC input allows 24/7 operation without concern for battery condition

Pipe & Cable Locting Brochures

Pipe & Cable Locating Brochures

Model PD Pearson Method Pipe & Cable / Short Locator, Pearson Detector

Locate Pipes, Cables and Shorts on underground pipe systems

Model BP-1 Vehicle Probe

Use with Model PD 

Model 45/90 Probe

Use with Tinker & Rasor

Model PD Short Locators

Model PD-5 Transmitter

Reference Electrodes

Reference Electrodes

Models 2-A, 3-A, 6-A&B, 8-A&B

Portable Copper-Copper / Sulfate Half Cell Reference Electrodes

Model: SC-4

Silver Chloride Reference Electrodes

Model: DB-A

Copper Sulfate Direct Burial 

Reference Electrodes

Cathodic Protection Instruments

Cathodic Protection Instruments

Model ACT

Amp Clamp tester, verify current measurement accuracy

Model DL-1

4 Channel Data Logger

Model AC-15

AC Voltage Monitor

Model CE/IT

Insulation Testers, Above and Below Ground

Model CPV-4

Voltmeters designed specifically for CP reads

Model RF/IT 

Insulation Testers, Above and Below Ground

Model SR-2

Soil Resistivity Meter

Model VC-2

Voltmeter verifier, to check voltage measurement accuracy

Cathodic Protection Power Products

Cathodic Protection Power Products

Model CS-1

Magnesium Anode Simulator

Model Tristar

50 Amp Current Interrupter (GPS)

Model CS-10

10 Amp Portable Power Supply

Model CI-50

50 Amp Current Interrupter

Model Quasar

100 Amp Current Interrupter (GPS)

CP Test Stations

CP Test Stations

Model T-3

CP Test Station, Removable Cover

Model T-1

CP Test Stations, Removable Cover

Model T-2 and T-4

CP Test Station, Exposed Terminals

Model AG-1 and AG-3

CP Test Stations, At Grade


CP Test Stations

Line Marker

Identification Products


Detectron Products

Model 505 Go-Fer

Pipe & Cable Locator

Model TS/8

Probe for 505 Locator

Model 501-C

Induction Clamp for 505 Locator

Model XL-2

Leak Detector

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