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Parts List
Parts List
SC-4 Silver Chloride Reference Kit


  • Land Based Structures

  • Sea Based Structures

Model: SC-4 Silver Chloride Reference Electrodes

SC-4 Silver Chloride Reference Kit

Model: SC-4 Reference Electrode Kit

Silver-Silver/Chloride (AgAg/CI)

US $285.00


  • AgAg/CI Element

  • Sturdy Carrying Case

  • Waterproof adapter

Model SC-4 Kits Comes with:

  • Reference Cell Body for LAND

  • Reference Cell Body for Sea

  • Flat Ceramic Half Cell Tip (Unsaturated)

  • Brass Weight

  • "w-7" Waterproof Adapter

  • Silver element

  • "Ocean Water"

  • Carrying case

  • Instructions Manual

The Model SC-4 Sliver-Silver/Chloride kit comes complete with everything necessary to conduct field tests both ON SHORE and OFF SHORE.

Model: SC-4 Silver Chloride Reference Electrodes

The same high quality standards in our other products, can be found in our newest  Reference Electrode kit,  The SC-4 silver/silver chloride reference electrode kit includes all necessary components stored in a durable case for easy transport to the job. The SC-4 comes complete for use on Land or Sea.

Tinker and Rasor includes with the SC-4, our W-7 Waterproof Adapter. This is by far the strongest waterproof adapter available in the World. With a pull strength of fifty times that of the wire connected to it, The W-7 is retrievable from great depths on even the most congested platforms. The stainless steel loop at the top of the W-7 insures against "snags" on most structures.

Model: SC-4 Silver Chloride Reference Electrodes


  • Silver-Silver Chloride reference electrode (AgAg/CI)

  • 99.999% Pure Silver


  • Kit: 12' x 6.75" x 4.5", 2 lbs. (305mm x 171mm x 114mm, 0.908kg)

  • Shipping: 13" x 7.5" x 5", 4 lbs. (330mm x 191mm x 127mm, 1.81kg)

Model: SC-4 Silver Chloride Reference Electrodes

Model: SC-4 Silver Chloride Reference Electrodes

Parts List:

  • #085-118 SC-4 Silver-Silver/ Chloride Electrode Kit - US$285.00

  • #001-022 Brass Weight - US$20.00

  • #085-135 W-7 Waterproof Adapter - US$31.00

  • #026-053 Connecting Cable - US$30.90

  • #056-002 Element Silver Electrode - US$200.00

  • #118-063 Cap Plug Half Cell - US$15.00

  • #118-060 Sea Tube w/holes - US$10.60

  • #118-002 Land Tube/No holes - US$9.60

  • #049-016 Ocean Water 4 oz. - US$8.00

  • #118-064 Cap Plug w/Flat Tip (Unsaturated) - US$15.00

  • #118-065 Cap w/Pointed Tip (Unsaturated) - US$15.00

  • #029-130 Carrying Case - US$50.00

Accessories Available:

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