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Repair Inquiries

All instruments manufactured by Tinker & Rasor can be evaluated and repaired at our facilities in New Braunfels, Texas. It is highly recommended and in some cases mandatory for equipment to be calibrated and certified on an annual basis.


Only authorized facilities outside of Tinker & Rasor who calibrate to standards traceable to NIST can perform calibrations and issue annual certifications. Please, contact Tinker & Rasor for a list of these locations. The use of any non-authorized repair and calibration facilities will void any and all warranties. Repairs and calibration of Tinker & Rasor equipment is complicated and requires specialized equipment and experience. It is necessary to make sure that you are using an authorized repair facility before hand. Current calibration records are on file and available upon request.

We do not use Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) numbers. Please send your equipment in for repair with the information below, or click here for an easy to use Repair Return Form you can e-mail, fax or put in with your instrument when shipping.

Use This Address To Ship Repairs & Returns:

Be sure to include the following when sending in an instrument for repair:

Tinker & Rasor (Attn: Repairs)

2828 FM 758

New Braunfels, Texas 78130

* Contact Name

*Company Name

*Telephone & Fax Number

* Email Address

* Whether a calibration certificate is required

* Please indicate if you want an estimate before the repair is made

Please Contact us if you need any assistance.

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