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Tech Data
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Parts List
holiday detector model aps

User Security

The Model APS was the first Holiday Detector with a Safety Switch

Owner Security

The Model APS comes with a 3 Year Warranty


Model: APS comes with an electrode.

Model: APS High Voltage Holiday Detector “Stick Type”

Model: APS High Voltage Holiday Detector “Stick Type”


  • Pipelines and other coated structures

  • Wide variety of coating materials

  • Thin to thick coatings


  • Recommended Annually


  • 2.5" x 21.5" x 2.75" (63.5mm x 546.1mm x 69.85mm) Instrument only

  • 40.5" x 17" x 7" (1-28.7mm x 431.8mm x 177.8mm) Carrying Case

  • Weight Approx: 40 lbs (18.14kg) Shipping Weight* (depending on electrodes)

Safety Switch Feature

Model: APS High Voltage Holiday Detector “Stick Type”

Model: APS High Voltage Holiday Detector “Stick Type”


APS "Stick" Holiday Detector

  • #026-039S Ground Cable - US$86.25

  • APS BATT UPGRD - (2) APS Batteries (Li 010-040) and 031-022 Charger - US$250.00

  • #010-041 Battery 6V Li, charger - US$165.00

  • #031-022 Charger, LiFePO4 - US$65.00

  • #177-060 Wand Hand - $US94.88

  • #029-241-APS Carrying Case with custom form insert - US$399.00

  • #005-115S Compax Connector - $US53.35

  • #009-022 Adapter to use "Spy" Spring Electrodes with T&R APS - US$25.00

  • #110-001 4" Silicone Paddle Electrode - US$28.75

  • #073-069 Yellow T&R Logo Screwdriver - $US4.00

  • #034-019 Clamp, Copper for Ground Cable - US$5.06

  • #092-010 APS Overlay - US$69.71

  • #065-012S "O" Ring, Wand Handle, Ground Cable, APS - US$0.50

Model: APS High Voltage Holiday Detector “Stick Type”

APS Kit.png

Model: APS Holiday Detector

800 volts to 35,000 volts in 1 instrument

US $4,200.00

The Model APS comes complete in kit form, including:


  • 800 volts to 35,000 volts in one instrument

  • Safety cutoff switch

  • Digital output display

  • Super bright LED display

  • Two volume Settings

  • Regulated voltage

  • Large push button controls

  • Greater battery efficiency

  • Compatible with Model AP/S1 & AP/S2 components and accessories

  • Open, ergonomic design


  • APS instrument and two batteries

  • Battery Charger

  • Ground cable, 20'

  • Wand handle, 18", with full circle spring electrode connector

  • Compax Connector for full circle electrodes

  • 4" Rubber paddle electrode

  • Voltage adjusting screwdriver

  • Adapter to use "Spy" Spring Electrodes

  • Mil-SPEC, carrying case

  • One electrode* (Click here to choose your electrode)

  • Instructions Manual

  • Certificate of Calibration

Built for the Field

The Latest in Holiday Detector Technology
Tinker & Rasor introduces the Model APS high voltage holiday detector. The Model APS is the product of more than three years of development and two years of testing in the field. The instrument represents the latest in electronics in the industry, with a new design and numerous improvements.

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