Due to international shortages on components, we can not guarantee the availability of the Model Mk V "Ranger" Duel Frequency Locator until further notice.

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Parts List
MK V Ranger Duel Frequency Locator


  • Pipe & Cable Locating

  • Short Locating

  • Depth Determination

  • Holiday Detection

  • Find Buried Insulators

  • Locate Open Couplings

  • Locate Over Water

Model: Mk V "Ranger" Duel Frequency Locator

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Pipe & Cable Locator

US $1,100.00 MK V: Short Locator 

US $1,200.00 MK5/H: Holiday Detector


  • Radio and audio frequency

  • Inductive or conductive operation

  • On handle to find unknown structures

  • Interrupter feature on transmitter

  • Very accurate depth location (triangulation)

  • RF Pipe & Cable locator (Short Locator)

  • Holiday detection of buried pipe (Pearson Method)

  • Volume control

  • Battery operated

  • Rechargeable Li-Ion battery available (optional)

Works with Detectron Model # TS-8

Mk V/S "Short Locator" comes with:

  • Mark V "Ranger" Instrument

  • Adapter, TS/8 to Ranger

  • Headphones with adapter

  • Connecting Cables 

  • Ground Plate

  • Carrying Case

  • (12) "C" Cell Batteries

  • Instructions Manual

Mk-V/H Complete comes with everything the MK-V has plus:

  • Cable Cleats (Set of 4)

  • Cable Connecting Leads - 20'

  • Shoe Cleats (2 pairs)

  • Terminal Board Single Connect PD

  • Terminal Board Double Connect PD

The Mark V "Ranger" can do it all: Finds shorts & opens, locate buried insulators, locate unknown pipes, locate unknown structures. Audio & Radio Frequencies, holiday inspections on buried pipes, accurate depth location, Inductive Operation, Conductive Operation, ECDA tool, Peak Method, Null Method.

Model: Mk V "Ranger" Duel Frequency Locator


  • 0ºC to 50ºC (32ºF to 122ºF)


  • Transmitter-11.375" x 8.5"  weight  3.3 lbs. (289mm x 216mm x 76mm, 1.36kg)

  • Receiver- 11.375" x 8.5" weight  3.4 lbs. (289mm x 216mm x 76mm, 1.81kg)

Model: Mk V "Ranger" Duel Frequency Locator

The Newest addition to the Tinker & Rasor family of locators is the Mark V Ranger. This dual frequency locator affords the operator the luxury both Radio and Audio Frequencies. The Mark V Ranger delivers unrivaled performance at a very competitive price.

Although the Mark V has the potent combination of Power and Sensitivity this can be radically enhanced with the addition of the PD-5 Auxiliary Oscillator. This 25 watt powerhouse has been known to supply enough energy to a well coated pipeline to allow cross country surveys of 15 miles from a single connection point. The PD-5 Fits into the Mark V and allows the Mark V to close while the PD-5 is in place.

Model: Mk V "Ranger" Duel Frequency Locator

Model: Mk V "Ranger" Duel Frequency Locator

Mark V Short Parts List

Accessories Available:

  • #085-098 Mk V Ranger Instrument - US$1,100.00

  • #010-025 "C" Cell Battery - US$2.33 Each MV5 Takes 12 Each

  • #026-062 Cable, Audio Frequency Ranger - US$30.00

  • #115-013 Headphones Stereo - US$28.75

  • #009-021 Adapter, Headphones - US$3.77

  • #116-028 Ground Plate - US$6.00

  • #010-038 Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery order with 031-023-VEN Charger - US$146.50

  • #085-087 Detectron TS/8 Handheld Probe - US$195.00

  • #009-014 Adapter, TS/8 to MkV Ranger - US$10.00

Mark V Complete Parts List

Accessories Available:

  • #085-098 Mark V Instrument - US$1,200.00

  • #010-025 "C" Cell Battery - US$2.33 Each Mk-V Takes 12 each

  • #026-008 20' Cable Connecting Lead - US$12.65

  • #026-006 Cable Cleats Set of 4 - US$33.00

  • #026-062 Cable, Audio Frequency Ranger - US$30.00

  • #035-002 Cleats (2 pair) - US$101.20

  • #115-013 Headphones, Stereo - US$28.75

  • #009-021 Adapter, Headphones - US$3.77

  • #116-028 Ground Plate - US$6.00

  • #164-012 Terminal Board Single Connect - US$15.18

  • #164-024 Terminal Board Double Connect - US$31.65

  • #010-038 Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery order with 031-023-VEN Charger - US$146.50

  • #009-014 Adapter TS/8 to MkV Ranger - US$10.00

  • #TS-8 (Detectron) US$195.00