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Vector test station


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Vector Test Stations


Vector Test Stations

Colors: White and Orange From Stock. Other Colors Available.

US$49.95 Volume Pricing and Options Available

Call: 833-332-1010  For Details

Hidden Test Station and Utility Markers

Material: HDPE, with UV Protection

Made to look like a standard 3.5" OD Utility Marker post, the Vector test station has a hidden terminal board under the dome. The dome is locked using a stainless steel tamper resistant locking system requiring a 216C Tool to remove.

The 11 hole terminal board is made of fire resistant PC materials and includes (4) T&R Rapid Connect binding posts with set screws.


The Vector test station can include generic or custom identification marker sleeve, and the dome marker sleeve and riser pipe are available in a variety of colors.

Everything is made of UV protected plastics for long outdoor life.


  • Impact resistant resin (HDPE)

  • UV protection

  • HDPE Material, not PVC, for long outdoor life

  • Long life in extreme weather areas

  • Fire resistant

  • Low wind resistance

  • High-Visibility


  • 11 Hole Terminal Board

  • Dome Cover

  • Stainless Steel Tamper Resistant Locking System

  • Utility Marker

  • Ripe Pipe

Vector Test Stations

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Non-Metallic Construction (Riser Pipe, Utility Marker, & Dome Cover)
The HDPE construction is non-conductive and will not spark when struck. This eliminates the possibility of spark ignition, fire or explosion in hazardous combustible locations.


Wind Resistance
The tubular construction makes the Tinker & Rasor riser pipe less susceptible to “windwhip” - a common problem with 2-dimensional metal signs and other flat markers which have a large “footprint” in the wind.


11 Hole Terminal Board Test Station
Made of fire resistant PC materials and includes (4) T&R Rapid Connect binding posts with set screws.


Tamper Resistant Locking System
The Dome Cover is locked using a stainless steel locking system requiring a 216C tool to open.


Custom Printing Available
Your companies logo and safety and markings can be printed on the Utility Marker.


Multiple Colors Available 
Orange and White are available in stock.
Red, Blue, Yellow, Black, Purple, & Green are available options that can be special ordered.

Vector Test Stations


  • -76ºC to 122ºC (-105ºF to 252ºF)

Vector Test Stations

Parts List

Customized Options Available:

  • 11 Hole Terminal Test Station

  • Dome Cover

  • Utility Marker

  • Riser Pipe

  • Orange & White colors available from stock

  • Test Station Custom configurations Available

  • Custom Printing Available

Other Colors Available:

  • Red

  • Black

  • Blue

  • Green

  • Yellow

  • Purple