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Riser Pipes


  • Identification of pipeline or structure

  • Identification of Owner

  • Assist Construction Crews In Locating Buried Structures

  • Conformity to State & Federal ID Regulations

Riser Pipe


Riser Pipe With Anchor Bar

For CP Test Stations and Identification Markers

White, Yellow and Orange colors available from stock

Call For Pricing 833-332-1010 

Available Outside Dimensions:

  • 3.5 O.D.

  • 1.5 O.D.

We stock lengths up to 18'


  • Impact resistant resin (HDPE)

  • UV protection

  • HDPE Material, not PVC, for long outdoor life

  • Long life in extreme weather areas

  • Low wind resistance

  • Maintenance free

  • Non-Metallic construction

  • High-Visibility

  • "No Salvage Value"

Riser Pipe

Brochure Not Available

Riser pipe is available from stock, and ready for immediate shipment. You can choose from 3 1/2" O.D. and 1 1/2" O.D. P.E. pipe. Riser Pipe comes complete with earthlock anchor bar.


Non-Metallic Construction 
The HDPE construction is non-conductive and will not spark when struck. This eliminates the possibility of spark ignition, fire or explosion in hazardous combustible locations.


Wind Resistance
The tubular construction makes the Tinker & Rasor riser pipe less susceptible to “windwhip” - a common problem with 2-dimensional metal signs and other flat markers which have a large “footprint” in the wind.


Virtually No Maintenance
Because the riser pipe require no maintenance, this product assures low cost over the life of the installation.

Riser Pipe

Lengths Available

  • 5' Length

  • 6' Length

  • 8' Length

  • Lengths in stock up to 18'

Colors Available

  • White

  • Yellow

  • Orange


  • -76ºC to 122ºC (-105ºF to 252ºF)

Available Outside Dimensions

  • 3.5 O.D.

  • 1.5 O.D.

Riser Pipe

Standard Lengths

  • 5' Length

  • 6' Length

  • 8' Length

  • Lengths in stock up to 18'

Riser Pipe as ordered by length to your needs