• Above Ground Insulators

  • Pinpoints The Precise Contact Point

  • Use Regardless of CP or Other Current / Voltage Present on Structure

Did You Know...?

An insulating joint protected by a Dairyland decoupler will appear as a short to the RF/IT. If an insulating joint needs to be tested by the RF/IT, the decoupler will need to be removed. Follow Dairyland directions for removing the decoupler and retest with the RF/IT.

Model: RF-IT

Model: RF-IT

Above Ground Insulator Tester / RF-IT

US $600.00


  • Hand Held Instrument

  • Easily locates shorted bolts, replaces bolt to bolt

  • Use on structure with or without CP

  • Uses Radio Frequency to test effectiveness of above ground insulators

  • Auto Shut-Off feature


  • Probe, Red with lead wire and needle point tip

  • Probe, Black with needle point tip

  • Additional needle tips, stored in small black vinyl tubes

  • (6) AA Batteries

  • Instructions Manual

  • Warranty Card

The Model RF-IT is a highly sensitive device used to test above ground pipeline insulators. This affordable unit is also fantastic for flange bolts shorts. The automatic RF-IT allows the operator to pinpoint the precise contact point. The RF-IT emits an audible beep. When the operator gets closer to the point of contact the unit starts beeping faster. At the same time, the sliding scale LCD meter moves from right to left.



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