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Parts List
Model PRM Peak Reading Voltmeter

Did you know?

You can use the PRM with the supplied cables, or attach the ground cable directly from the holiday detector and touch the tip of the wand to the center of the dome on the panel of the PRM.


The PRM is built for use in the field with a thermal resin case sealed from weather.

Model: PRM Peak Reading Voltmeter


Use with pulse-type DC Holiday Detectors. such as:

  • AP

  • APS

  • AP/W

  • AP/S1

  • AP/S2

  • and other manufacturers brands


  • Recommended Annually


  • Measures high voltage DC reading peak pulses with rise times as fast as 1 millisecond


  • -10*C 60 60* C (14*F to 140*F)


  • 8.25" x 6.5" x 3.25", 3.5 lbs (209mm x 165mm x 82.5mm, 1.58kg)-Use

  • 13"x 7.5" x 5", 5 lbs. ( 330mm x 190.5mm x 127mm, 2.26kg)-Shipping

Model: PRM Peak Reading Voltmeter

The PRM is designed to measure the peak value of high voltage D.C. pulse within its scale range, with a maximum capacity of 30 Kilovolts. Measurement can be made of peak values with rise time of less than one microsecond. The Model PRM Voltmeter is portable and is ideal for use in the field or laboratory. The Model PRM may also be used in design or production testing to measure ignition voltages, over-voltages caused by switching of electrical circuits and other voltages that often accompany high potential testing. Rugged construction assures dependability and virtually eliminates maintenance.

While the latest high voltage holiday detectors from Tinker & Rasor include an integrated volt meter, the PRM can be used to verify the units in the field. It is importatnt to note, however, that the PRM accuracy is +/- 10%, while the integrated voltmeters of the Models APS and AP/W are +/- 5%.

Model: PRM Peak Reading Voltmeter

Model: PRM Peak Reading Voltmeter

Parts & Accessories Available:

  • #085- PRM Instrument 

  • #026-002 Cable, 5', Black clamp, PRM 

  • #026-045 Cable, 5', Red clamp, PRM 

  • #010-002 Batteries, AA, (6)

Model: PRM Peak Reading Voltmeter


Peak Reading Voltmeter For Measuring Output Voltage Of Pulse-Type DC Holiday Detectors.


For use with all Tinker & Rasor "Pulse Type" High Voltage, Holiday Detectors


  • Digital 5-digit LCD Display

  • Reads up to 40,000 volts

  • Can be used with all T&R "High Voltage" Holiday Detectors

  • MIL-SPEC lockable instrument case

  • Portable and ready for field use

  • Extremely durable

The Model PRM kit includes:

  • PRM Instrument built into a Mil-Spec Case

  • 6-AA batteries (installed)

  • 5" Ground Cable

  • 5" High Voltage Cable with Clamp

  • Instructions Manual

  • Certificate of Calibration

The Model PRM  shown complete with cables & batteries.

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