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Tech Data
Parts List
Parts List


  • Pipe to Soil Potentials

  • Close Interval Surveys

  • Structure To Cell

  • Lab Use

New Clear View Available on Certain Models Call for Details

Reference Electrode Clear View

Portable Copper-Copper / Sulfate Reference Electrodes

Half Cells R.jpg




  • 2-A Pencil Cell

  • 3-A For Concrete

  • 6-A, 8-A Flat Tips

  • 6-B, 8-B Pointed Tips

Tinker & Rasor offers a complete line of Copper-Copper Sulfate Half Cell Reference Electrodes. All Tinker & Rasor HALF CELLS are made from the most durable materials available, to withstand years of harsh, even severe field use! These fully "serviceable" Half Cells can be recharged to assure accurate readings for many years. Replacement "Tips" and supplies are available from stock.

"A" tip vs. "B" tip

The two standard tips available are the "A" Flat Tip and the "B" Pointed Tip.

Both the Flat and Pointed tips are made to maximize the total surface area of the tip to ensure good contact area with the electrolyte. Mainly a user preference, there is no performance difference between the two types of tip. The "A" Flat tip may be more versatile, as a flat surface can be useful on a variety of electrolytes, such as soils, liquids and concrete.

The "B" Pointed tip has a cone shape which can be easily buried in soils to ensure good contact with the electrolyte.

While the body of the half cell is printed with the tip type, all parts are interchangeable and an "A" or "B" tip can be put on any of the Models 6 and 8 reference electrodes.

Model 6 vs. Model 8

Tinker & Rasor offers the Model 6-A, 6-B and the Model 8-A and 8-B. The difference is in the length of the half cell only. The overall length of the 6 Model is 6" and the 8 Model is 8"

The Model 8 half cells contain more copper rod, more copper sulfate crystals and more water due to the larger volume of the tube.

Model 3-A "Fat Boy"

The Model 3-A Fat Boy reference electrode has been designed specifically for use on concrete. The large surface area, 3" diameter, has a waffle pattern like the "A" tips of the Models 6 and 8, again to increase surface area of the tip. To ensure good contact of that surface area to the rough and porous surface of concrete, a wet sponge is placed between the half cell and concrete. The sponge is included with the Model 3-A, and is stored in the Black vinyl tip cover.

Model 2-A "Pencil Cell"

The 2-A "Pencil Cell" includes high purity copper-sulfate, a strong body for outdoor use and long lasting tips. The 2-A also has a optional extension handle available.

  • Dimensions (3/8" x 5-3/4", 953 mm x 1,460mm )


Portable Copper-Copper / Sulfate Reference Electrodes


  • Use with most CP Voltmeters

  • Half Cell models 3,6 & 8 screw into back of

  • T&R CPV-2 CP Voltmeter

  • T&R CPV-4 CP Voltmeter


  • High purity copper rod

  • Copper-Sulfate crystals

Temperature Data


  • 2-A:  3/8" x 5-3/4"

  • 3-A:  3" x 5"

  • 6-A: 1-1/4" x 6"

  • 6-B: 1-1/4" x 7"

  • 8-A: 1-1/4" x 8"

  • 8-B: 1-1/4" x 9"

Portable Copper-Copper / Sulfate Reference Electrodes

Portable Copper-Copper / Sulfate Reference Electrodes

Portable Copper-Copper / Sulfate Reference Electrodes

Repair Kit - $39.95

  • (2) Replacement tip, pointed or flat or one of each

  • (2) Vinyl cover for half cell tip

  • (2) O-ring gasket

  • (1) nut, knurled, ¼”-20 thread

  • (1) 4oz cupric sulfate crystals

  • (1) Abrasive pad, for cleaning copper rod

Clear View Window

  • #162-012 Clear View window - Models 6 & 8

Tip Replacements

  • #118-026 Flat Tip Ceramic (Saturated)

  • #118-027 Pointed Tip Ceramic (Saturated)

  • #005-001 Flat Tip Ceramic 2A Size

  • #118-028 Flat Tip Ceramic 3A Size

  • #118-064 Flat Tip Ceramic (Unsaturated)

  • #118-065 Pointed Tip Ceramic (Unsaturated) 

Tube Replacements

Half Cell Electrode Tubes, Tinker Rasor


  • #177-057 Extension Handle 2-A (Pocket Size) Half Cell

  • #177-056 Entension Handle 6-A&B, 8-A&B Half Cell

  • #049-011 Copper-Sulfate Crystals 1 lb, 3 0z.

  • #049-012 ANTI-FREEZE Solution 32 oz.

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