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Tech Data
Parts List
Parts List


  • Short Locating (PD)

  • Holiday Detection (PD/H)

  • Line Locating

  • Pipe Depth Determination

  • Locate Buried Insulators

  • Locate Open Couplings

  • Locate Over Water

PD"Short Locator"

PD Short Locator

PD/H "Holiday Detector"

PD/H Holiday Detector

Model: PD Pipe & Cable Locator


"Pearson-Method" Short Locator / Holiday Detector

US $ 1,400.00 PD "Short Locator"

US $1,650.00 PD-H Holiday Detector


  • Audio frequency 750cps

  • Maximum 100v output

  • Fine Tune knob and LED's to easily match maximum impedance

  • Interrupter feature on oscillator

  • LCD meter on receiver

  • Receiver loud speaker or headset use

  • Holiday detection on buried pipe (PD/H)

PD (Short Locator) Includes:

  • Mark IV Receiver with battery

  • PD Oscillator

  • Headphones

  • Battery Cables (set) (Red / Black)

  • 30' Ground Cable (Black)

  • 6" Red Oscillator to Pipe Cable (Red)

  • (1) 9v Battery (Mark IV Receiver)

  • Carrying Case

  • Instructions Manual

PD/H "Holiday Detector" Comes with everything above plus:

For locating electrical shorts and open couplings on underground pipelines. 

  • Shoe Cleats (set of 4)

  • Terminal Board (Single)

  • Terminal Board (Double)

  • 30' Connecting Cable (White)

  • Cleat Cables (Set of 4 -White)

Model: PD Pipe & Cable Locator

Recommendations: Industries

  • Gas

  • Petroleum

  • Chemicals

  • Water


  • PD case 16"x8"x20"

  • PD/Short case shipping weight, 15 lbs.

  • PD/H Complete shipping weight, 19 lbs.

Model: PD Pipe & Cable Locator

Tinker & Rasor's Model PD and the Null Method have been recognized as being the fastest method to accurately locate points of electrical contact and insulating joints on coated underground piping systems. The Tinker & Rasor Model PD is unaffected by parallel lines, depths, 60 Hz or ground cover, the survey can often be, in part, conducted from a moving vehicle over the pipe. In brief, the Null Method follows the flow of impressed audio frequency current in a coated pipe; determines where it leaves. This method is quite practical, particularly as competent field personnel can interpret findings quickly and accurately. The Model PD is also an excellent device for pinpointing defects in coatings on buried pipelines. This unit is also highly accurate in locating breaks in cables such as anode leads on impressed current, cathodic protection systems.

Recent Changes to the PD


You should be aware that we have made a few changes to the Model PD recently (08/30/04).

  •    The Oscillator (PD-C) has been updated to include LED lights instead of the meter, and the Output Indicator light has been replaced with a Fine Adjust knob. (See Model PD Product Instructions for more)

  •    The crystal in the Oscillator (PD-C) has been changed. There is a noticeable difference in the interrupt cycle rate from previous versions. The cycle is much faster now. This is an engineering change and not a problem with the instrument.

  •    The Model PD Complete Holiday Detector kit comes with connector cables to use between operators when conducting a Pearson Method Holiday Detector survey. The length of cable between operators has been shortened from 30' to 20'.

Model: PD Pipe & Cable Locator

Model: PD Pipe & Cable Locator

PD "Short"

Parts & Accessories Available:

  • #085-089 Mk IV Instrument - US$504.00

  • #085-129 PDC Oscillator Instrument - US$504.00

  • #010-007 Battery, 9 Volt - US$3.45

  • #026-009 Cable, Battery, PD(Blk-Red) - US$15.18

  • #026-010 Cable, Ground 30', PD(Blk) - US$22.77

  • #029-040 Carrying Case - US$221.38

  • #082-007 Insert, Form, Case, PD Short - US$135.98

  • #115-002 Headphones, Mono - US$31.63

  • The 45/90 Probe with telescopic handle - US$305.00

PD Pipe & Cable Locator,Tinker Rasor

PD/H Holiday Detector

Parts & Accessories Available:

  • #085-089 Mk IV Instrument - US$504.00

  • #085-129 PDC Oscillator Instrument - US$504.00

  • #026-006 Cable Cleats set of 4 - US$33.00

  • #026-008 Cable Connecting Lead 20' - US$12.65

  • #026-009 Cable, Battery PD(Blk-Red)  - US$15.18

  • #026-010 Cable, Ground 30' PD (Black) - US$22.77

  • #026-011 Cable, Pipe to OSC PD (Red) - US$12.65

  • #035-002 Cleats, Shoes PD, Set (Right,Left) - US$101.20

  • #115-002 Headphones, Mono - US$31.63

  • #164-012 Terminal Board Single Connect PD - US$15.18

  • #164-024 Terminal Board Double Connect PD - US$31.63

  • #029-007 Case, Carrying Black - US$225.00

  • #082-007 Form Insert for Case (029-007) - US$135.98

  • #010-007 Battery, 9 Volt - US$3.45

  • The 45/90 Probe with telescopic handle - US$305.00

PD Pipe & Cable Locator, Tinker Rasor
PD Pipe & Cable Locator, Tinker Rasor
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