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Are You a First Preventer?

Tell Us Your Story!

Since 1948 Tinker and Rasor has provided electronic test equipment to companies and individuals who prevent deadly incidents, with little if any recognition.  

If you are a Pipeliner, Coating applicator, Inspector, Corrosion professional or anyone who works to make safe those pieces of the World’s transportation and distribution of liquids and natural gas via pipelines; you are what we call “First Preventers”. 

Your work should be recognized for what it is: LIFESAVING. 


Your hard work saves lives!  It is you that prevents millions of miles of pipelines, big and small, from failures. 

While there should be no doubt of our unwavering support for first responders (firefighters, EMT and law enforcement, etc.); First Preventers are the unsung heroes who deserve their due. 

Tinker & Rasor honors you, recognizes you, and thanks you!

We'd like to hear your First Preventer story while using Tinker & Rasor equipment.

How did it work with you to prevent issues on your system?


Submit your story below and keep an eye out for our stories via email and here on our website.

Published stories will NOT include your full name nor that of your company’s.

(We will not spam your email with the information you give us!)

Submissions will enter you into a drawing for Tinker & Rasor goodies

and/or discounts on future purchases.

Tell Us Your First Preventer Story
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