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Test Station Accessories


Tinker & Rasor Shunts are available in three sizes: 

  • #146-001 Orange, 0.001 Ohm, 25 Amp capacity

  • #146-002 Yellow, 0.01 Ohm, 8 Amp capacity

  • #146-003 Red, 0.1 Ohm, 2 Amp capacity

3 shunts

T-1 & T-3 Adapters:

T-1 and T-3 Adapters allow fitting of Tinker & Rasor CP test stations on existing riser pipe of varying sizes. Choose from these sizes: 

  • #009-015 T-3 Adapter, 3.5"  to 2.6" pipe

  • #009-016 T-3 Adapter, 3.5"  to 1.6" pipe

  • #009-017 T-1 Adapter, 1.6"  to 3/4" pipe

T1 T3 adapters

Shock Guards:

The Tinker & Rasor Shock Guard fits the Model T-3 "Top Hat" test station. The Shock Guard fits on one side of the test station terminal, keeping field personnel and others away from wire connections. The Tinker & Rasor Shock Guard minimizes the risk of electrocution, and meets NACE Standard SP-01-77/4.4.4 when used with non-metallic Tinker & Rasor Banana Plugs.

  • #025-261 Shock Guard

Binding Posts:

shock guards

The Tinker & Rasor Model T-3 Test Station comes with standard rapid wire connection Binding Posts, as seen at right, below. There are other kinds of terminal connectors available, including Banana Plugs, as seen at right, above, with an exploded view of the Shock Guard. Terminal Connectors available include: 

  • Standard Binding Posts 

  • Non-metallic Banana Plugs 

  • 18-8 Stainless Steel 1/4 x 20 

  •  Non-metallic 5-way Binding posts 

  •  and many more... 

  • #164-060 Terminal Binding Post (Only) (Rapid Wire Connector)

  • #073-070 Terminal Binding Post Hardware Kit (Includes: 1 Terminal Binding Post, 2 Nuts, 1 Locking Washer, 2 Nylon Washers)

binding post

Anti-Spin Gaskets:

"Anti-Spin" Gaskets are available for all Tinker & Rasor Test Station models. The "Anti-Spin" gasket does just that, it keeps the terminal from spinning on the riser pipe. This prevents the test station from spinning or sliding off the riser and allows superior tightening of the terminal nut.

  • #065--161 Anti Spin Gasket


Model T-3 Terminal configurations:

The Model T-3 can come in many standard and custom configurations. For example, nickel-plated brass Bonding Straps are available. For more information on Model T-3 Terminal configurations.

  • #142-009 Bonding Strap US

  • #164-048 Terminal T-3

  • #107-005 Large T-3 Nut

T-3 Terminal Configuration

T-3 Flange Adapters:

The T-3 Flange Adapter allows for easy placement of T-3 Test Stations to pipe flanges, walls, wooden posts, and other areas where the installation of riser pipe is inconvenient.

  • #014-151 Flange Mounting Bracket For T-3

T3 Flange adapter

Test Station Accessories

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