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 Use with Tinker & Rasor Models High Voltage Holiday Detectors 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not use this instrument in an explosive environment. 

 UPDATE INFORMATION: The Model PRM has been updated for better performance when used with T&R Models APS and AP/W with integrated voltmeter LCD displays, starting with serial number 1177. Previously built units may be sent to the factory for update evaluation. 


 The Tinker & Rasor Model PRM Peak Reading Voltmeter is designed to measure the peak value of high voltage pulses within its scale range, with a maximum capacity of 40 kilovolts. Voltage measurements can be made of peak values with a rise time of less than one millionth of a second. 


The Tinker & Rasor Model PRM Peak Reading Voltmeter consist of: 

1 - Voltmeter 

1 - Ground Cable 

1 - High Voltage Cable with Red Clamp 


 Check all components against the packing list. If damage has occurred in shipment, file a claim with the carrier immediately. If it is necessary to contact your supplier or the manufacturer concerning damaged or missing items, be sure to include all the information such as serial number, purchase order number and invoice number. This will ensure you of obtaining proper and expeditious service. 


The Model PRM is a portable, battery powered, voltmeter capable of accurately measuring pulse type high voltages such as those generated by the “so called” spark type Holiday Detector and clearly recognizing the values of either polarity. 

Equipped with large five-digit liquid crystal display and single control switch for selecting proper polarity and testing of self-contained power supply. 

The cables supplied with the meter are well insulated for the proper use in measuring high voltages, however, care should be exercised not to physically hold or touch these cables or connections while the high voltage potential is present. Also, cables should not rest on each other or be placed on conductive surface while making voltage measurements. 

 Always observe proper safety precautions when

operating high voltage equipment. 


A. Connect one of the two high tension cables, supplied with the voltmeter, between the dome top terminal of voltmeter and the high voltage output of the Holiday Detector. 

B. Connect the other high tension cable between the ground post of the voltmeter and the ground terminal of the Holiday Detector. 

C. After properly connecting cables (see note below) turn Holiday Detector “ON”. 

D. Turn the control knob on the voltmeter to the positive (+) position and observe the meter reading. If the meter reading does not closely correspond to the factory markings of the Holiday Detector, turn the control knob to the negative (-) position. The meter reading must be within 10% of the factory markings on the Holiday Detector in one or the other polarities, otherwise there is a fault in one or both instruments. 

Note: It may be necessary to use the cables supplied with the Holiday Detector in conjunction with those supplied with the Voltmeter, because the terminals vary on different Holiday Detectors. For example: Connections can be made directly to the ground wire and high voltage cable of the Holiday Detector to facilitate proper electrical connections. 


Assemble the Holiday Detector by first connecting the ground cable to the handle. Insert the ground cable connector into the handle, and then rotate one quarter turn counter clockwise to lock. Connect the wand handle to the front (nose) of the instrument and screw down until firmly seated. 

Attach the sponge bracket (aluminum piece), sponge, sponge holder (plastic piece) and the knob with threaded bolt through all and screw down on the wand end. Saturate the sponge in a wetting solution. 

7. BATTERY REPLACEMENT (please refer to photo below)

1. Make sure the PRM is off. 

2. Remove the two screws on the face plate with a Phillips-head screwdriver. 

3. Pry open the face plate, and be mindful with the wires connected to the face plate. 

4. Remove the Velcro strap to remove the battery holder. 

5. Replace the (6) AA cell batteries. T&R #010-002 

6. Repeat the steps in reverse to restore the PRM to operation order. 

Screen Shot 2020-01-19 at 9.19.22 PM.png


Do not expose to excessive moisture (keep dry) and keep clean. 


Holiday Detectors returned to the factory for repairs should be sent TRANSPORTATION PREPAID. In most cases the detector can be repaired and returned the same day it is received at the factory. 

When ordering parts or requesting further information always give the serial number. 

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