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Parts List
AG-3 Test station


  •  At-Grade CP Test Station

  • Below Grade CP Test Station

  • Suitable for low traffic areas such as, easements, sidewalks, tank farms etc.

Model AG-3

AG3 3qview.jpg

At Grade CP Test Station

Corrosion Mitigation Instrumentation


  • Quick release 1/4 turn connector

  • Magnet for easy locating

  • 11 position terminal board (AG-3 with N,S,E,W indicators)


  • Body

  • Cover with magnet

  • 11-hole terminal board, with (3) T&R Rapid Connect binding posts

 Covers in Black, Orange and Yellow from stock. Custom colors are available. Call 833-332-1010  for details.

Model AG-3

Manufactured by Tinker & Rasor, these convenient at-grade CP Test Stations are ideal for quick access by field personnel when monitoring electrical currents and potentials on buried pipelines, cables or other metallic structures. 

These test stations have been designed for use in low traffic areas, such as tank farms, sidewalks, etc.


The Terminal board lays flat to offer easy access to connection terminals as well good real estate to accommodate many connections.


The terminal board has twelve (12) holes which are numbered, including compass notations (NSEW). Most binding post holes separated on 1" centers to allow for accessories, such as shunts and bonding straps. The terminal comes with three (3) rapid connect binding posts.


Model AG-3 with a horizontal 11-hole terminal board fits 6" riser pipe.

Model AG-3


  • High Strength proprietary polypropylene material with a non-conductive body. solid construction.



  • Fits 6" Riser pipe

  • 8.75" width x 5" Length

Model AG-3

Accessories Available

  • #025-205 8" Cover

  • #029-225 8" Case 

  • #142-009 Bonding Strip

  • #146-001 Shunt Orange, 0.001Ohm, 25Amp 

  • #146-002 Shunt Yellow, 0.01Ohm 8Amp

  • #146-003 Shunt Red, 0.1Ohm 2Amp 

Custom colors are available. Call 833-332-1010  for details.

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