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Tech Data
Parts List
Parts List
AG-1 Test Station


  • At-Grade CP Test Station

  • Below Grade CP Test Station

  • Suitable for low traffic areas such as, easements, sidewalks, tank farms etc.

Model AG-1


At Grade CP Test Station

Corrosion Mitigation Instrumentation


  • 1/4 turn locking device

  • Magnet for locating

  • Easily located with Detectron 7-T valve box locator

  • 11 position terminal board

  • AG-1 with 1 piece bell shape insert keeps terminal board dry, even when submerged.


  • Body

  • Cover with magnet

  • 11-hole terminal board, with (4) T&R Rapid Connect Binding Posts

Covers in Black, Orange and Yellow from stock. Custom colors are available. Call 833-332-1010  for details.

Model AG-1

Manufactured by Tinker & Rasor, these convenient at-grade CP Test Stations are ideal for quick access by field personnel when monitoring electrical currents and potentials on buried pipelines, cables or other metallic structures. 

These test stations have been designed for use in low traffic areas, such as tank farms, sidewalks, etc.


The single body, Bell shape design, offers protection from ground water coming into contact with terminal board.


The terminal board has eleven (11) holes which are numbered, most separated on 1" centers to allow for accessories, such as shunts and bonding straps. The terminal comes with four (4) rapid connect binding posts.


Available from stock with Black color bodies. Housing available in Black, Orange or Yellow. Additional custom colors also available.

Model AG-1


  • High Strength proprietary polypropylene material with a non-conductive body. solid construction.


  • AG-1:

  • Fits 4" Riser pipe

  • 5.55" width x 7.875" Length

Model AG-1

Parts List

  • (1)#164-060 Binding Post and Lock Washer

  • (2) Fiber Washer and Hex Nut

Parts List

  • #025-204 Cover available in (Black, Orange, Yellow)

  • #029-224 4" Case

  • #164-070 4" Terminal

  • #073-070 Hardware Kit 

Custom colors are available. Call 833-332-1010  for details.

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