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Model: AC-15 AC Warning System


Detects Induced AC on Pipelines

US $455.00

Model AC-15 Warning System Measurement of AC Voltage potentials between structure and ground for job site safety of personnel. The AC-15 A/C Warning System is an instrument which detects potential differences of 15V AC or more on a structure (NACE International SP0177-2007) Designed for pipelines running through high voltage electrical transmission corridors (right of ways). AC voltage alarm begins to sound at 7 volts AC or greater is detected the instrument goes into alarm with both audible and visual alerts.


  • Monitors AC on pipelines or structures

  • Alarm at 7v AC Threshold

  • Conforms to NACE SP0177-2007

  • Audio and Visual Alarms

  • Calibration Test Unit

  • Superbright LED's

  • Replaceable 9v Battery

Model: AC-15 AC Warning System


  • Instrument: 4.5” x 3.25” x 9”, 1 lbs
    (114.3mm x 82.5mm x 228.6mm, 0.45 kg)

  • Shipping: 14” x 12” x 6”, 3 lbs
    (355.6mm x 304.8mm x 152.4mm, 1.36 kg)

Model: AC-15 AC Warning System

Model: AC-15 AC Warning System

Model: AC-15 AC Warning System

Parts List:

  • #085-149 AC-15 Instrument with Battery

  • #118-001 Earth Spike, SS Probe Rod

  • #010-007 Battery, 9v

  • #026-028B Cable, Black, coiled, with Clamp

  • #029-130 Carrying Case, tackle box, gray

  • #082-078 Case Foam, insert, for 029-130, AC-15