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Did you know?

There is a new date code rollover issue with some GPS systems? If your GPS interrupter is showing a strange date, it may need to be updated. Contact us for more information.



Model: Quasar

100 AMP GPS Current Interrupter

US $2,400.00


  • Interrupt 100 AMP  @ 120 Volt (12,000 Watt Max).

  • GPS Controlled

  • Cycles between 000.005's and 999.999s

  • 110V - 240v (50-60 Hz)

  • Watchdog battery system, replaceable 9v

  • 72 Hour Backup Battery, rechargeable 6

  • Accurate GPS timing clock

  • Transfer program information to multiple units

  • Industry leading, "Get in Sync Option"

  • Manuel Sync Feature

  • 6' Extendable GPS Antenna

  • External connection points

  • All connections made outside of case

  • Keypad operation with large digital display

  • Banana Jacks for interrupting low current (<5 A)

  • Holds 10 programs in memory

  • All connections include high & low current counterpoints

  • See Instructions Manual for details on the above features


  • Model Quasar GPS Current Interrupter

  • 6v Rechargeable Battery

  • Connection Cable High Amp (1)

  • Connection Cable Low Amp (1)

  • 6' GPS Antenna

  • Synchronization / Data cable (USB A/B) (1)

  • Power cable, AC (120v/240v) (1)

  • Instructions Manual

  • Warranty Card

The Quasar has numerous improvements;

  • Larger heat sink

  • In-case storage of cables

  • Low current connection points for lower than 5 amps CP systems

  • MIL-SPEC, Lockable, with lid locked or opening case

  • Tan color reduced heat in the field, and blends with surroundings

The Latest in Current Interrupter Technology

Tinker & Rasor re-introduces the Model Quasar 100 Amp GPS Controlled Current Interrupter. The new Model Quasar is the product of more than ten years of research and development for GPS controlled current interrupters and two years of testing in the field. The instrument represents the latest in electronics in the industry, with a new design and numerous improvements.



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